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Zanzibar is one of the most ideal place for beach holidays, honeymoons.  Zanzibar offers a large number of hotels of different categories to cater for a diverse clientele. Zanzibar West Coast has equally all classes of hotels.  Our Zanzibar West Cost Hotel directory while not exhaustive, gives one a guideline as to the location of hotel and the room rates.

To the south of stone town lies Mbweni.

The main attraction at Bweni are the Cascaded Botanical Gardens founded by Sir John Kirk, the British Consul of Zanzibar.  Many of the 650 species found in the Gardens were introduced by him.

Another attraction at Bweni are the 18th Century Bweni Ruins of Christian Mission. The mission housed a girls' school of the freed slaves.

To the North of Stone Town lies the Beach of Bububu.  Nearby are the villages of  Maruhubi and Mtoni.  At Muruhubi are the ruins of Maruhubi Palace buit by sultan Bargash for his harem of 99 concubines.  North fof Maruhubi is Mtoni with the ruins of Mtoni Palace, the first official residence of Sultan Seyyid Said.

Further to the North is Mangapwani with its clean beaches and coral caves.  Mangapwani is the location of Serena Beach Club.  The club offers a high class restaurant and water sports center with canoeing, catamaran sailingand snorkelling opportunities.

Bawe Island- This is un inhabited due to lack of fresh water.  This is popular with scuba divers.

Chumbe Island off the coast of Chakwani is a coral park.   It encloses one of the richest and finest coral gardens in the world offering superb snorkelling opportunities.  Among the coral species are blue-spotted stingray, dolphins, batfish, hawksbill turtle and caved-dwelling potato grouper. Scuba diving is prohibited. Most of the Island is covered with a rare pristine coral rag forest.